Brian O’Higgins was born in 1882 in Cill Scire in County Meath and moved to Dublin shortly after leaving school. He took part in the 1916 Rising and was an active Republican for the rest of his life. With his great friend Joe Clarke he did much publicity work for the cause of Ireland.

For long his yearly Wolfe Tone Annual served as a counterblast to the views propagated by the ‘revisionist’ official historians in Ireland.

Brian O’Higgins wrote a very great deal of patriotic verse, much of it under the pen-name Brian na Banban. Unfortunately he almost always wrote in response to events so that his poetical writings have tended to go out of date as public memory of the events that inspired them fades. Nowadays an explanatory note is usually required when one of them is published.

The quality of his verse is very variable, but his comic songs have stood the test of time best.