A Day In Eirinn
A Fenian Song
All Around My Hatmidi
Amhrán na bhFiannmidi
A Nation Once Again
A Rebel Song
A Soldiers's Songmidi
A Song of the Loyal Irish
After Aughrim's Great Disaster
Ashtown Road
Bachelor's Walk
Back Home In Derry
Banna Strand
Barry's Column
Belfast Brigade
Birmingham Six
Bobby Sands MP
Bold Robert Emmetmidi
Both Sides The Tweed
Boys Of The Old Brigade
Brave Tom Williams
Bring Them Home
Brothers In Arms
Burke's Dreammidi
Cahir O’Doherty
Children Of The Dole
Clare's Dragoonsmidi
Come Out Ye Black And Tans
Come To The Bowermidi
Daddy Is Gone To The Fair
Dear Old Ireland
Die Gedanken Sind Frei
Down By The Glensidemidi
Down Erin's Lovely Leemidi
Enniskillen Dragoons
Erin Go Bragh
Fair At Turloughmoremidi
Farmer Michael Hayes
Father's Blessing
Father Murphy
Fire Of Freedom
Follow Me Up To Carlow
For What Died The Sons ...
Forgotten Hero
Four Green Fields
Freedom's On The Wallabymidi
Galway Bay
General Munroe
God Save Irelandmidi
Go On Home British ...midi
Gradh Mo Chroidhe
Green Fields Of Francemidi
Henry Joymidi
Ireland, Boys, Hurrah!
Ireland Divided
Ireland's Fight for Freedom
Ireland Unfree
Irish Soldier Boy
Irish Ways And Irish Laws
It's Time To Go
James Connolly (I)midi
James Connolly (II)
James Connolly (III)
Joe MacManus
Joe McDonnell
John Mitchel
Johnie Cope
Johnny I Hardly Knew Youmidi
Johnson´s Motor Car
Kelly Of Killanne
Kevin Barrymidi
Kevin Barry (II)
Lament For Staker Wallis
Last Night I Had A ...
Let Erin Remember
Lid Of My Grannies Binmidi
Limerick Is Beautiful
Loch Lomond
Long Kesh
Lord Nelson
Men Behind The Wire
Michael Dwyer
Moses Ri-Tooral-I-Aymidi
Muintir An Iarthair
My Father Once Said To Me
My Heart Is In Ireland
My Youngest Son Came ...
Na Buachaillí Bána
Nelson's Farewell
Nineteen Men
No Man's Landmidi
O’Donnell Abu
O’Donnell of Tipperary
Off To Dublin In The ...
Oft In The Stilly Night
Old Skibbereen
Only Her Rivers Run Free
On The Sea
Paddy Public Enemy No. 1
Paddy's Lamentationmidi
Padraic Pearse
Páid O’Donoghue
Parcel O' Rogues
Pick Up Your Rifle
Protestant Men
Rebel Heart
Rock On Rockall
Roddy McCorley (I)midi
Rody M'Corley (II)midi
Rody McCorley (III)midi
Roll Of Honour
Rory O'More
Rouse, Hibernians
Sam Hall
SAM Song
Sarah Curran
Sean Sabhat Of Garryowenmidi
Sean Treacy
Sean Van Voghtmidi
Set Ireland Free
Shall My Soul Pass ...midi
Sing, Irishman, Sing
Skipping Rhymes
Sniper's Promisemidi
Song For Ireland
Song For Marcella
Song For The Brave
Spancil Hill
Sunday Bloody Sunday (I)
Sunday Bloody Sunday (II)
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Take Me Home To Mayo
Take It Down From The Mast
The Auld Triangle
The Banks Of My Own ...
The Banks Of The M. S.
The Barrymore Tithe ...
The Battle Of Granard
The Black And Tan Gun
The Black Watch midi
The Blarismoor Tragedy midi
The Bold Belfast Shoemaker
The Bold Black And Tan midi
The Bold Fenian Men
The Bonfire on the Border
The Boys Of Kilmichael
The Boys Of Mullachbawnmidi
The Boys Of Wexfordmidi
The Broad Black Brimmer
The Catalpa
The Croppy Boy (I)midi
The Croppy Boy (II)
The Dying Rebelmidi
The Fenians' Escapemidi
The Fields Of Athenry
The Foggy Dewmidi
The Green And The White ...
The Hackler From ...midi
The H-Block Song
The Helicopter Song
The Heroine Of Ross
The Informer
The Irish Free State
The Jackets Green
The Last House In Our Street
The Legion Of The Rearguard
The Limb Of The Law
The Limerick Rake
The Long March To Derrymidi
The Loughgall Ambush
The Luck Of The Irish
The Memory Of The Deadmidi
The Man From God-Knows ...
The Men Of The Westmidi
The Merry Ploughboy
The Minstrel Boy
The Mountains Of Pomeroy
The Old Fenian Gun
The One Road
The Patriot Gamemidi
The Rambler From Claremidi
The Rare Ould Timesmidi
The Rebel’s Sermon
The Recruiting Sergeant
The Rifles Of The I.R.A.
The Rising Of The Moonmidi
The Rocky Road To Dublin
The Royal Blackbirdmidi
The Sea Around Us
The Sergeant's Lamentation
The Teddy Bear's Head
The Thirty-Two Counties
The Tri-Coloured Ribbonmidi
The Town I Loved So Wellmidi
The Wearing Of The Greenmidi
The West's Awake
The Whiteboys
The Wind That Shakes The ...
The Woman Cried
The Valley Of Knockanure
There Will Be Another Day
They Wounded Old Ireland
This Land
Tom Gilheaney
Tom Williams
Tone Is Coming Back Again
Tone's Grave
Unfinished Revolution
Upton Ambush
Van Diemen's Land
Vinegar Hill
Wake Up, Irishman
Wrap The Green Flag Round ...
Ye Jacobites By Name
Young Ned Of The Hill