Oh father dear I oft-times hear you talk of Erinīs Isle
Her lofty scene and valley green, her mountains rude and wild
They say it is a pretty place where-in a prince might dīwell
Then why did you abondon it? The reason to me tell.

My son I loved our native land with energy and pride
Until a blight came on the land and sheep and cattle died,
The rent and taxes were to pay, I could not them redeem,
And thatīs the cruel reason why I left old Skibbereen

Itīs well I do remember that bleak December day,
The landlord and the sheriff came to drive us all away;
They set the roof on fire with their demon yellow spleen,
And thatīs another reason why I left old Skibbereen.

Itīs well I do remember the year of forty-eight
When I arose with Erinīs boys to fight against the fate,
I was hunted through the mountains for a traitor to the Queen
And thatīs another reason why I left old Skibbereen.

Oh father dear, the day will come when vengeance loud will call,
And we will rise with Erinīs boys and rally one and all,
Iīll be the man to lead the van beneath our flag of green,
And loud and high weīll raise the cry:īRevenge for Skibereenī.


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