Pat McGuigan

Sound clip by the Blarney Pilgrims - live. MP3 codec needed for playback. Click here for more information.

"Oh father why are you so sad on this bright Easter morn'
When Irish men are proud and glad of the Land were they were born ?"
"Oh son I see in memory a far off distant day
When being just a lad like you I joined the IRA"

"Where are the lads who stood with me when history was made
Oh gra mo chroi I long to see the Boys Of The Old Brigade."

"From hills and farms the call to arms was heard by one and all
And from the glens came brave young men to answer Ireland's call.
'Twas long ago we faced the foe the Old Brigade and me
And by my side they fought and died that Ireland might be free."

"And now my son I've told you why on Easter morn I sigh -
When I recall my comrades all from dark old days gone by.
I think of men who fought in the glens with rifles and grenades
May heaven keep the men who sleep from the ranks of the Old Brigade."


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