Will you come to the Bower o'er the free boundless ocean,
Where the stupendous waves roll in thundering motion,
Where the mermaids are seen, and the fierce tempest gathers,
To loved Erin the green, the dear land of our fathers,

Will you come, will you, will you come to the "bower" ?

Will you come to the land of O'Neill and O'Donnell,
The patriot soldiers of Tirowen and Tirconnaill,
Where Brian drove the Danes and St. Patrick the vermin,
And whose valleys remain still most beautiful and charming.

You can visit Benburb and the storied Blackwater,
Where Owen Roe met Munrow and his chieftains did slaughter
You may ride on the tide o'er the broad majestic Shannon;
You may sail round Lough Neagh and see storied Dungarvan.

You can visit New Ross, gallant Wexford and Gorey,
Where the green was last seen by proud Saxon and Troy,
Where the soil is sanctified by the blood of each true man,
Where they died satisfied, their enemies they would not run from.

Will you come and awake our lost land from its slumbers,
And her fetters we will break, links that long are encumbered.
And the air will resound with Hosannas to greet you,
On the shore will be found gallant Irishmen to meet you.


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