Chris Byrne (Seanchai)

Reluctantly I give flow to this song
Got my fingers crossed hoping that I'm wrong
But I'll take my chances before this chance is gone
I gotta question
Just what's going on ?
It don't seem quite rational
Reaching out for multinational assistance
Them cats best be kept with a distance
Or if need be met with assistance
They'll give you crazy lucci but control all the tools
So consumer fools will play by their rules
The fools, the fools, the fools, Pearse once said
At O'Rossa's grave, trying to wake up the dead
Ireland unfree shall never be at peace
So why all the sudden are the troubles gonna cease
Like royal family leeches it seems they are here to stay
But keep hope boy ...

There will be another day

Beware of Greeks bearin gifts and Yankees bearin dollars
Before you cut a deal think of J.R. from Dallas
I see golden arches span across New Grange
Hojos and Starbucks in the Burren making mad change
How about White Cashel ? Don't let culture be a hassle
Tear it down to the ground, tear it down
The world's biggest playground
Keep Eire in mind for your next little trip
The Emerald Isle Orlando of Europe
Guests of the nation tend to overstay but keep hope boy ...

There will be another day

To maintain a level I remain a rebel
Take stands won't shake hands with the devil
Not me son, they don't get me on the run
Humpty Dumpty was pushed cause no one had a gun
When a wrong remains a wrong a right remains a right
Darkness is darkest just before the light so keep strong
The road is rough, the road is tough, the road is long
On it alone or with a group either way
As long as no one stays on it ...

There will be another day


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