I´ve a sad but true story to relate
Of a brave young Irishman´s cruel fate
It is written down in the roll of fame
And Kevin Barry is the brave lad´s name

When scarcely 18 years of age
To the Republican Army he was engaged
For Ireland´s sake he struck a blow
To free his country from the tyrant foe.

In the fight with the foe against the crown
Young Barry shot a British soldier down
He appeared and was tried by military
And sentenced to die on the gallows tree.

In the condemned cell awaiting his fate
He was asked to confess before it was too late:
"Come tell us where your comrades may be
A pardon will be granted and we´ll set you free."

Young Barry gazed with a look of scorn:
"An Irish traitor never yet was born!
Carry out your sentence was the proud reply
For Ireland I fought and for Ireland I´ll die!"

Outside the jail his comrades fell
On their knees in prayer to the prison bell
For to pray for the soul of a martyr friend
Who would rather die than to foemen bend.

Out from the jail then walked a priest
And the tears rolled down his manly cheeks;
"Have they hung him, Father?" his comrades cried.
"He´s gone, but a braver lad never died."


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