Greater love has no man than this, than to lay down his life for his friends.
John 15-13

My vision of the future of this page is a totally cross-linked information system about the Irish struggle for Freedom. By now this page is divided into three major parts which you can access from the control bar at the bottom of the screen. The -Pictures Of Ireland- page is still being set up so don't expect too much there yet.

About my personal involvement:

I have been to Ireland quite a few times now and have spent years of research trying to understand the roots of what is going on in Ireland at the time and what happened there during the last centuries. All this material led me to the conclusion to support the one side of this conflict which in my eyes has suffered the most from all that. And that side is the people.

I do not support random sectarian killings in the name of any political goals - and I have learned that it is not always easy to say who is wrong or right when everybody's hands are stained with blood. I accept the killing of soldiers or the destruction of military targets because in the end it is their chosen job to fight and die for the politics that their gouvernment is pulling through. But I wish from the depths of my soul that there will be a peaceful way out of that conflict.

And that is what I truly believe - there has to be a way of finally setteling that longest of all wars now and forever - without bloodshed.

The purpose of this page is to inform a few interested people who are tired of listening to the British propaganda machinery and the single-sided censored information that trickle through the world wide media.

I know pretty well that I am exposing myself with this private page on the web. And I also know that in Ireland my days might be numbered. And that is exactly what troubles me the most: for speaking your mind and for supporting something you believe in you might get beaten, tortured, maimed, burned, shot ... and maybe your friends and family with you.

I believe in such old fashioned rights like the freedom of speech for everybody - and that is the reason why I put my name under my pages. As Pearse once put it: you cannot put a rope around the neck of an idea ...

Tiocfaidh Ar La,


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